Elections is coming, and to be honest, I had to install a chrome filter to block out my feeds from certain keywords. Visiting CNN Philippines and Rappler, the past few weeks had me realizing one thing: everyone needs a savior.

A little note: Developers are craftsmen. They build things for a living. As a side effect, they’ll try to build a lot of things that they need or want for themselves. A handful, to an extent, dreams to run a business around what they’ve built. Most fail, not because they didn’t have enough time or it didn’t have enough features (trust me, we can build a lot of unwanted features). The main reason most fail is no one knows about the things they’ve built in the first place, and no one uses them, even themselves.

I get that question from some of my officemates. How can people appreciate “Big Data Technologies”. Is there a demo to make people appreciate “Big Data” or “Hadoop”? How can we sell “Data Lakes vs Data Warehouses”.

It’s been a few weeks/months since I’ve been plunged into this “Big Data” ecosystem, all I could sense was that “Big Data” is a marketing term for problems that require “Distributed Frameworks” as solutions, much like how “Cloud” is a marketing term for how “Remote Servers” are provisioned.

  • Header navigation screenshot of a Cryptocurrency Job Board I made with a friend.
  • Played with Black and Gold to bring out the feel of “premium” and “luxury”
  • Didn’t over-design and add gratitious animations or transitions.
  • Built it with Rails :)

Recently I’ve been looking at “house and lot” real estate around the Metro. At most, the figure floating in our heads is around 8M-9M PHP. To loan that amount to a bank and to pay it off for 20 years I have to:

What do you wish you had known before you turned 40?

“Practice is the key to getting better at everything. Ignore the concept of innate talent or gift. People who are good are good because they spent a lot of time practicing.

Rails, and all the Ruby ecosystem has to offer, coupled with Postgres.