computer programming intro

What is computer programming?

The computer programming is one of the most interesting subjects, particularly if you take the right approach. Unlike any other subjects, this programming subject must be treated inversely. Actually, the programming for beginners will need the programmer who has complete understanding about how it is done and also what the fundamentals are. Basically, the programming is simply telling the PC to do some tasks. Writing a computer program needs humans to employ the languages, which could be read by the computer such as Pascal, Java, C and python. Normally, the human languages are very difficult, but however the human beings are able to learn how to use them; because of their intelligence. This is a major reason; why it is so simple and fun for a human to learn one or more computer programming languages.

Things to consider while writing a computer program

When you write a computer program, here are some essential things to consider:

  • Set up a logic of the program

Logic is considered to be a backbone of any program. It requires to be well prepared depends upon the resources in which your selected programming language allow.

  • Divide the programs into operations

The majority of programs allow you to split the program into functions. These functions require to be written with the minimum count of instructions.

  • Learn the syntax of each command you will use

One of the major reasons for several programming errors is improper use of syntax. There are several programs that have characteristics, which are used to verify the syntax of each command.

  • Ensure your code is small and precise

The minimum numbers of instructions are enough for the greater rate of execution of a program. Make sure your code is small and precise.

  • Make sure that the functions and variable names are logical

The proper names used in variables and functions can make a coding process very easier. Using the illogical variable names will not impede the functionality of a program.

Fundamentals of computer programming

introduction to computer programming fundamentals
A Good Place To Start

The individuals who require learning the computer programming and the languages that can be used in creating programs should be familiar with the basics at first. The languages employed in programming must be one of your basic considerations. In advance to making programs, it is important that you know the various levels and kinds of programming languages. Some of the basics of computer programming are including:

  • Machine level language
  • High level language
  • Assembly level language

However, the various kinds of programming need the different levels of expertise and time. Normally, the simple programs can be written within a matter of minutes and also many difficult programs can more years to complete. In addition, the computer programmer should be well proficient in the programming language and also able to resolve the issues by using sequencing and logical thinking as well. Before you program comes closer to the computer, you want to do many steps such as defining a problem, finding the solution and mapping the solution. Hence, it is essential to choose the language at first that will suit the best tasks needed.